Real Estate Practice

The services of the Real Estate team include conducting detailed due diligence activities to identify and quantify commercial risks associated with real estate transactions, negotiating and drafting lease documents, conveying, documenting and registering title deeds, converting land use, conducting annual legal audits to ensure statutory compliance, ensuring compliance with environmental laws.


V.V Gautam and Associates had successfully handled hundreds of Land Acquisition matters, for aggrieved persons at various High Courts and Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in last decade. V.V Gautam and Associates has a dedicated & experienced team of advocates in the field of land acquisition and compensation thereof. Several matters successfully handled by V.V Gautam and Associates have been reported in SCC, AIR, SCR & other law reporters.


V.V Gautam and Associates has very strong presence in the civil & criminal matters and in last 20 years have provided due relief to their clients in civil and criminal matters which include property disputes, matrimonial disputes, core-criminal issues, which includes bails, appeals against life conviction etc. V.V Gautam and Associates, is having a highly experienced advocates for handling and pleading core-civil and criminal issues before various courts including High Courts and Hon'ble Supreme Court of India.


The mother of all law is Constitution of India, which provides power and authority to enact the legislation to the Parliament & Assemblies and power to execute the legislation passed by the Parliament and the Assemblies. Article 32 and Article 226 of the Constitution of Idia provides power to Hon'ble Supreme Court of India and Hon'ble High Courts respectively to provide remedy for violation of fundamental rights of citizens of the country by the Govt. and their instrumentalities. V.V. Gautam & Associates is having strong presence in the field of constitutional matter, as V.V. Gautam & Associates has successfully handled more than thousands matter under writ jurisdiction before Hon'ble Supreme Court of India and various Hon'ble High Court. Apart from writ jurisdiction V.V. Gautam & Associates is handling various issues pertaining to interpretation of various statutes, laws, which are ultra-vires to the provisions of Constitution of India, before Hon'ble Supreme Court of India and various Hon'ble High Courts in the country.